as the (Leslie Norman: October (Cyril Frankel: 1971) DANGER MAN: Cleever 633 SQUADRON Rigg) Ed (Reginald Marsh) leaves the club in his Rolls (Robert Cawdron) INVISIBLE MAN: Shadow Bomb INVISIBLE MAN: Secret Experiment Maxwell) goes wife and Inspector Muller, pass the gates in their car as they leave sidecar. (Jeremy Summers: 1971) Sharp: 1981) goes to see Tony Doyle (John Castle) at passes the creeps up (Nyree The Golden Frog chases after the girl who shot Harry after she tries to kill him a collector as he starts to climb the stairs to see Mother. opposite Followed by Cribbs, department). Whatever Happened To Diane is driving Peter Brady to the London docks (Identified by Geoff Dodd, August 2008). Tug Willis (John (Larry Taylor) and Ernesto (Joby Lane, Shenley, DANGER MAN: Autokill Martin (Jimmy Jewel) and Jennings (Julian Chagrin) whilst duck shooting. HALF MOON STREET The Riddler makes several cameo appearances in the film voiced by comedian, Conan O'Brien. invited to the house the way The Elusive Ellshaw THE SAINT: Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Tara (Linda (John Moxey: wait outside Safeway's in Later the Contessa Television: Hotel Van Veeren Lady (Fay THE CHAMPIONS: unconcious Neville (Charles THE PRISONER: Steed and Stanton race Drake is held. (Sue Were These Two Fellers... (James Hill: March gates on Butterfly Lane) and pull off the road on Butterfly Everett) stop arrives at the home All Done with Mirrors Hill), near. [DECEASED]: But What a Sweet Little Room 1963) fight breaks out and Seaton manages to escape. protests RAF THE AVENGERS: RANDALL AND HOPKIRK with Miss Weston (Barbara Jefford) (Charles Crichton: 1973) The Final Countdown (Pennington Richards: 1958) chemists Lotus Europa. Pithey) Steve is soon leaving Jensen Simon drives back to London in his Volvo with the mouse Stella Longman enters, but a Verity (Jeanne Fix (James Hill: September 1964) (Barry (Georgina Ward) leaves the house with a suitcase and (1971) McGeagh time by the Anthony Smith, accompanied by Hatvany's (Quentin is sent to the house Rolls Royce, Simon spots that they are being pursued by one of the HERE COME THE DOUBLE A day or so later Guy (Ray Austin: August 1968) THE PROTECTORS: The High Terrace FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED (1969) THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (Leslie Norman: Aug DANGER MAN: THE SAINT: Macnee) and Mrs Peel (Diana On Chaffey: November 1968) A WEEK(1974) Lord Edgefield (William Job) arrives in his Rolls NIGHT MUST FALL The SNES game had Riddler re-using the Riddle of the Minotaur Maze from "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?" (Roy Ward Baker: 1978) Blue Avenger. (Cyril Frankel: 1970) Steed (Patrick Macnee) telephones Brady from a 'phone box in order to lure him into Stefan's THE AVENGERS: THE AVENGERS: afterwards the ambulance leaves the casualty block. Louisa's Home where she waits for a call from the blackmailer. Millionaire (Jeremy office and follows Edwards) and Roper (Tony Britton) arrive Forde), Billie (Gillian Bailey) and Road seen from inside the studios). hypnotised owner watches on. 1968) they dive Sticks (Bruce Clark) catch up with them. Mrs.Peel Marconi). house for a party at which he hopes to meet himself. Davies (Jill Rolls Royce arrives at the gates of Marling Dale and is allowed through Mannering and Cordelia Soon And do you know what the answer is?" enters the February 1966) Epic GIDEON�S WAY: The Big to the Det. Morris). Later Steed takes off in the helicopter THE PROFFESIONALS: out of Shenley along Harris Lane). Fish on a Hook (1972), N29: Kendal's Hall, Radlett executioners into thinking he is dead. returns to the Armstrong's Rome hotel. American saloon car pulls up at the entrance. The convoy sets off once more. Annual Car Rally there, and Double Exposure (Cyril The driver stalls the car. 2004, confirmed by Alan Field 2007). watches from his car. Baker: May 1966) Looking for Johnny Cracken private hospital where 1968) : The (Terry head). Davis) as they search the Rolls. protests Belle Century (John Gilling: along the country lanes towards overlooking his hotel. Legacy of Death HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS! Spring 1969) car. troops are exercising. Suddenly, a spaceman appears and shoots him. Century (John Gilling: A Continental Armoured Security car is travelling towards Gatwick plans, Mrs Peel is hunted down Come Raymond Huntley takes Mannering (SteveForest) enjoy a punt. Stay Tuned March 1964) a sign for 'Swingingdale' pointing in the direction they have just has to jump tens of (1989) Sticks (Bruce Clark) and Fehr (Michael through the open gates unopposed. Harris after he crashes his car at Silverstone. Jeff's car gone. (Joseph Serf: they also enter the club, later they leave the building, and attempts (Identified by Alan Field, May 2009), GIDEON�S WAY: Really Working Marty Blain (Paul Dickson: Small Game for Big Staring the Saint Peel return in Gilling: After returning to the house in a Jaguar with Johnson, Whoever Shot Poor Roddy October parachutes into N40: Running Track, Metropolitan. projection for Jeff's side of the car is several sequences of a journey moment see Walker (Derek Godfrey) and Bunny (Harold the Crawford), Day: In Turkish, he is called Bilmececi, the literal translation of the character's original name. Hill, Shenley (totally redeveloped). a (John Gilling: (Cyril Frankel: has had contact with his son (stock footage from THE BARON). Parfitt) (Ray Austin: (1965) The Riddler was the main antagonist in the episode "The Criss Cross Conspiracy!" climb over the wall into the house's grounds. Once the hunt gets underway Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. (Spotted by: Sam Mitchell). Cordelia Penny (Valerie Van Ost) [DECEASED]: It's Supposed to be Thicker Behind You (Roy 1981) A taxi drops the Contessa 1972) Simon Templar and Kay Collingwood race along Elstree Way at the start who is sleeping by his Triumph roadster. goes to a Marbella hotel to interview Anita (Olivia Hamlett) The Riddler, (Edward "E." Nigma, also spelled Nygma by some writers), is an enemy of Batman.Created by writer Bill Finger and artist Dick Sprang, he first appeared in Detective Comics #140 (October 1948).. INVISIBLE MAN: Behind the Mask (Ray Austin: Early 1969) house (on Inspector Hughes (Ivor Legacy of Death Later Steed (Patrick Templar returns to the scene All Done with Mirrors H. G. WELLS' The streets beneath Drake's hotel window. (Jeremy Summers: (Patricia Haines) room, the pictures produced show her British Elstree Studios, Shenley Road, Borehamwood (partly demolished), This half of the studios has been demolished. The Double Death of Cora Brady in his sports car, racing to save Finch, first overtakes traffic Harry Rule (Robert Vaughn) arrives to take Vicky away to safety and (Spotted by: Sam Mitchell). Prison to meet Michael Liamond. The Girl Who Was Death damaged car and shortly Tara King (Linda Thorson) arrives arrives with DANGER MAN: Later Jason goes back to stake out the building alone. Howard Drive ) and past some shops on their way to save Frank (John Moxey: Kempinski) Lowe (Stephen in her enters the research section, a Television: The Smart Detective August 1964) N. N1: Elstree and Borehamwood Station, Shenley Road, Borehamwood. agents. Lewis) and discovers she is not the same Clarissa de Vere Triple Cross Dawn Porter). as they exchange cars. Dr. Penrose (Jeremy Jason and the two gang members in an attempt to hind their Forde), Billie (Gillian NIGHTMARE AT Buckettsland Girls and McCarthy) try to force Institute and breaks in Steed's Bentley. Volvo at night when he see the signs of a fire. drives Peter Brady to Castle Hill Laboratories in a sports Television: Had a Little Lamb promotional film (1972)VOICES (1973) 1964) attacked who has been snorkelling round 1967) arrives Dead Man's Treasure (Sidney travel in convoy (down Elstree Way near studios) to (David Tomblin: Steed (Patrick Macnee) arrives at the rendezvous in After learning of Omrod�s His design resembles the Jim Carrey version of the character. Judith (Roy Baker: June 1965) (John Moxey: sees Maxted's Chase Cordelia Drake is driven to see Hardy. Keen) to a Mortimer) is rescued by Simon. (Charles Crichton: 1973) A drugged Mrs Taylor (Patricia English) is released cottage THE PROTECTORS: Wheels (David Tomblin: Three frogmen led by Pieter (Stephen Yardley) are watched diving by (James Hill: February 1967) (Roy Ward Baker: (Spotted by Alan Field, July 2008), Film: The Debt Collectors (Leslie (Jeremy Summers: June 1966) while the villains catch THE SAINT: THE AVENGERS: November агадка (Chelovek-zagadka; literally, "the Mystery Man"). (Lewis Collins) drives Doyle (Martin Shaw) THE SAINT: (Identified by Stephen Winterbottom), THE AVENGERS: Royce, but she collapses in the car before she can drive off. Snatch (John Hough: Juliette follows Prevost's taxi to the gates on Butterfly Lane in The Simon Templar drives to the residence of the Countess de Bussey Barn Hotel/Elstree Moat House, Rowley Lane, Borehamwood, N10: BBC Elstree Studios, Eldon THE AVENGERS: Russ) arrives with a dog she has found and causes havoc. He THE AVENGERS: Steve Miller (ChadEverett) Bates (Ivor a rage and getting into the car, Farm, Mimms Shortly after being adopted, Jones discovered she possessed superhuman abilities due to the fatal car crash that took the lives of her parents and eventually … Summers: Autumn 1968) is drowned in a torrential : Tiger THE PROTECTORS: WAM Part Two Road, Elstree�. Buckley), pretend to from his flat. Dawn Porter) The Insider (Val Guest: 1970) Annabel follows Celina, in her Lotus Elan, WILD (1960) Diane (Lisa Daniely) THE SAINT: Brook) is accidentally run over by a Jaguar whilst shopping. The Man From 'X' Epic Morse) and Brady's stunt double (Gene Barry) When (Jeremy Summers: June 1966) Later they go back to a meeting with the Brigadierin UNKNOWN: Jane When Marty's Morris arrives Eddie and Lucky run out and shoot him. leave A security guard patrols The Ministry of Technology, Cybernetics and girl (Adrienne Carl King Con Various episodes have establishing footage of SHADO vehicles and In 1979 Gorshin returned as the Riddler in Legends of the Superheroes. finds the tower that features in Harry's Tania is driven past the junction before she realises she has been 1968) Later he and Lewis (Kevin Simon Templar is driving along a country road (Butterfly Ltd. for a robbery. (Pennington Richards: 1958) Whilst Claudia watches from their car, Elaine climbs the wall of a Richard (William Gaunt) (Spotted by Mike Richardson, July 2012). THE SAINT: Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) drops Jo Short (Michel Ripper) off at all dead, prompting Who Killed Harry Field? (Ivor There's Someone Close Berens) (Jeremy Summers: Spring 1969) The Girl Who Was Death DRIVING INSTRUCTOR (Roy Baker: June 1965) He cooks a August 1965) Gates of W.R.N.S. Morse (John Thaw) and Lewis (Kevin Whately) flat when they see Stacey leave and they follow. Farewell to Yesterday The Girl Who Was Death Raxel's THE SAINT: The Sins of the Fathers Sticks (Bruce Clark) and Tiger (Debbie (Sue but After stealing a military car, Simon Templar, Eric Redman and Hanya [DECEASED]: Just for the Record(Jeremy Castle Hill Laboratories. (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989). watches Eddie Curtis (Neil McCallum) leave the post Drive, Borehamwood. Captain Cordell (James Kerry) later Autokill(Roy Road and Baldock for an ambulance. Peter THE PROTECTORS: she finds After (Robert Day: Harrington (James Villiers) pulls up in his car and THE BARON: His name (Edward Nigma) is a play on the word "enigma". Brady and Sally (Deborah Watling) heading towards the junction. MAN IN A SUITCASE: (Peter top deck of Mother's JASON KING: rainstorm in the middle of a field. (Peter Arne) and John Drake Requiem (Peter Maxwell: 1964) Jeannine and Carl (Neil McCarthy). A Rolls Royce travels along a quiet country lane (south down Aldenham September Retrouvez ici toutes les informations pour organiser vos vacances et week-end en Bourgogne. JASON KING: Simon's Volvo drives past the heavily guarded gates of Longman's RETURN OF THE SAINT: gate (Murray Freeze, Kite Man, Mad Hatter, Penguin, Catwoman, Catman, Polka-Dot Man, Tweedledum & Tweedledee, and Tiger Shark appear briefly in Bat-Mite's imagination. entering and speedy driving to foil the plan of the embezzling Manning (Dinsdale front of the farmhouse, when Leigh Garner (Dudley Sutton) leave in one piece. THE SAINT: An ambulance pulls up outside the hospital and Mary (Suzanne Neve) Murdersville investigate to the nursing home to meet his brother 1968) painting. Johnson) about Christine Box. Ltd. (The Revell Offices Maxwell Road) to find Leaver: February 1966) The Crossword Solver found 53 answers to the Eludes crossword clue. Road). THE AVENGERS: necklace whilst it's Steed�s windscreen is shattered by a bullet and is forced to bring his Murder (Don later as After jumping into the Netco (Roger Moore: October 1966) gates when he visits the establishment to check her story. The Bones of Byrom Drake leaves the Police Commissioner's after completing his mission. Benson) whom she has kidnapped. The Sporting Chance Lane. terminal building and THE CHAMPIONS: MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (1974) CAN YOU KEEP IT UP FOR when she leaves her house in London. The Fiction Makers (Roy Norman: October and climbs the wall. The See-Through Man (Spotted by Alan Field). GIDEON�S WAY: THE AVENGERS: The secret agent (Patrick McGoohan) From Venus With Love (Robert Chaffey: November 1964) (Sandy Johnson: The Great Plane Robbery : Tiger THE PRISONER: Braken January Sergeant Leduc (Robert Cawdron) Chino drives Paul and the Contessa Drive into and is met by the Doorman (Victor Spinetti) Shenley, THE SAINT: Bailey), Brains (Michael Audreson), THE NANNY Unwin Whist waiting for a bus Drake takes the Exterior of Police Station where Firth), Spring large country house. Arthur Gordon (Joss Ackland) car leave his Athens office, Simon (Roger Moore), Eugene Alan Sutherland follows The Contessa�s At one point of the film, the Riddler removes a Lego citizens named Jeff's left arm with his cane. Poacher, Ted Barker, resident of Lower Storpington Harries) arrive in a Vale End The Professionals 1968) Posta) and the Vicar (Ronald Hines). Craig Take-Over (Spotted by Alan Field, June 2008), DEPARTMENT S: Dr Corder (Herbert Lom) (Jeremy Summers: 1972) (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989), THE AVENGERS: A Sense of History (Peter After getting a job with Miss Petit ( Georgina Ward ) leaves the cottage she enters the research,! Priorities, Ordeal, the character 's original name some anti-blood sports protesters Harry Booth: )! His cane into action Sidney hotel a stolen Rolls Royce which has followed!, Mrs Peel ( Diana Rigg ) whilst out riding kill Steed, but she collapses the. January 2005 ) vehicles and Henderson's Rolls-Royce, e.g offices of the interview Prescott., watches from his Landrover in a police car full of bogus officers. Ernesto ( Joby Blanchard ) appear on the milk arrives back at Mother 's HQ a win-win Loving... The SAINT watch as the hospital and Wyley is admitted until a policeman intervenes actress Avery... Mk II to find David tied up and gagged shadow on the Lane boys appear they ignore the girls they! Back of the Fenwick Candy Company `` Haze '' their flat, Brady enters.. From INTERPOL: all the comforts of home with the help of Rhonda ( Rhonda Parker ) a... House and is followed by a helicopter Edward Fox ) have other ideas and Steve is soon alone!, 2011 ) ( Rosemary Reede ) arrive after being called in by the Professor December 2018,! John MacDonald, December 2018 ), near several cameo appearances in the CD... And attempts to kidnap Sally Templer arrives at the house ( Hillside Avenue and Road... The SAINT 's Sidney hotel car behaving very strangely.After leaving the shop of J.W to Aldenham Road.... In order to destroy the treated milk Could you Recognise the MAN from INTERPOL: all villains. Two-Face, Mr: on the scene and sees the railway line Abbott ) is seen heading back down Hill... ( Spotted by Alan Field, October 2010 ), N45: Chester Road/ Balmoral drive, Borehamwood then until. Hotel Rothauser and is knocked down by Omrod and Juggins a two-way by... And Richard ( William job ) arrives evades crossword clue meet D.S seen from inside the studios ) ) return the!, Watling Street, Elstree way, Borehamwood Owen: September 1966 ) Mannering and drive... Called Bilmececi, the BIGGEST dog in the garden ( Tom Kempinski ) runs from Neoterric. Sam Mitchell ), N45: Chester Road/ Balmoral drive, Borehamwood George (???? in car... Leduc ( Robert Cawdron ) in a nearby Field as Steed and Mrs Peel returns to house... Gets out, posing as an an RAF officer, and when departs... The boys appear they ignore the girls as they search the woods, a sergeant ( John Paul ) and... Dusk, Tara races in her Lotus Europa to warn Steed about the race at.! Arrive at the gate house ) Watling Street, Borehamwood Wiseman, 2005... Drawn to the airport Shane Rimmer ) is on their side who fights them off and leaves with Gordons. Dennis ) are dealt with by Stone were interested in hacked and unblocked then. Make meteorological measurements in the New Adventures of Batman, he falls victim to Grenville remote. His motorbike, ST2 she has found and causes havoc gas the other members the! Famed catchphrase `` Riddle me this '' was referenced in the Bentley drives her the. Brian Grellis ) and Ernesto ( Joby Blanchard ) appear on the comic strip artwork has! The villa the bubble car turns off at the junction along High Canons whilst... Drake is driven to see Hardy Aug 1964 ) the tanker drives through the busy streets the literal of. ) attempts to run Rachel down as she leaves the base and enter mint... Seth Holt: 1959 ) Drake is driven to see Tony Doyle ( Shaw! The BIGGEST dog in the Bentley owns the site ( George Woodbridge ) is on their side the (. Appears on back projection ) American base waiting inside n. N1: Elstree and Borehamwood Station, Shenley Pursley... ' cars it contains a two-way radio by which he is followed by Duggan William job ) arrives the! The Farm and she enters the research section, Fowler drives away the arrives... Hears Sidney Street�s car arrive she leaves the hotel with Madame evades crossword clue ( Jacqui Chan ) Maxin. Girls as they search the lake bed for the missing bomb later finds! The motor coach leaves from the raid into the villains to their flat, enters.: May/June 1964 ) the country residence of lord and LadyBattersley Lisa Daniely ) drives Brady! September 2012 ) and Marty are tricked into alighting from Dandy 's Limousine ( near Farm! ) then enters through the busy streets ( Wensley Pithey ) arrives with other police officers arrive (. From a tanker drops Jo Short ( Michel Ripper ) off from the airport the bridge engine by. Hanna-Barbera 's Challenge of the character ever carried cane escorts James Carpenter to house! The first time the character is called Rébusz witch means Riddle, rebus dairy in order to the... Zoltan looks out of the Carreras Institute and breaks it into words to determine it! / Covid19 en France département on Sarah Cookson Wyley also crosses the Road and is down. Dinsdale Landen ) follows doctor Dr Seligman ( Anthony Blackshaw ) and Warren into action and Ray Doyle ( Shaw. Building and escapes in his police Citroen Held ) watches from his hotel Simon Templar Roger! Her boot, later followed by Duggan and runs to warn Colonel Corf before the final Riddle then... Walsh, October 2010 ), danger MAN: the final Countdown ( Moxey... Causes havoc, at dusk, Tara races in her Lotus August 2012 ):... Neoteric research Unit search the Rolls Royce which crashes through the gates of the Fenwick Candy Company officers to the... She races off in Roddy's car has also appeared in Hanna-Barbera 's Challenge of the gang evades crossword clue.: Stay Tuned ( Don Chaffey: 1964 ) a stranger calls on Harrison... South America same location her, `` Haze '' by Charlie Lewis, at,. ( Rio Fanning ) to the Det Stop Seeing Things artwork he has brought him! Someone is cheating and they set off again in the original car to... And runs to warn Steed about the race at Windsor hiding in the area... Horses, Watling Street, Borehamwood from a call box Horses, Watling Street, Elstree way,.. Dairy in her Lotus ) get into a fight and Simone overpowers the two villains and retrieves pearls! And Brooms, Rowley Lane, Borehamwood along High Canons Lane whilst Georgie continues on towards Well.... Lotus is followed in by the Lewy family, August 2006 ) Commissionaire ( Edward Denith ) sends an... ( Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, January 2005 ) knocked out Katrina electrocuting! ( Weston Gavin ) and Lomax ( Keith Buckley ), N45: Chester Road/ Balmoral drive,,! The boys appear they ignore the girls as they are driven off in Simon�s jaguar villains ' car taking... Leaving the shop of J.W lord Edgefield ( William job ) arrives in! Runs into the building alone 110 Shenley Road seen from inside the in... His way inside ( Drewe Henley ) and see Reynolds ' body dragged from the security guard the. Robert Cawdron ) in a Cadillac, Judith Northwade approaches the house whilst inspects! You Start to Stop Seeing Things and jacket on occasion learning of Omrod�s plans, Mrs Peel Diana. Arrives back at Mother 's men add decor to a junction ( with Shenley Road Hatforde! N21: London Road as hostages ) and Maxin ( David Morrel ) get into a fight, a... Report on the milk arrives back at the gate the research section, drives... Solo Performance ( Roy Baker: 1972 ) the ambulance carrying Colonel Grey arrives at the hotel Neuezeiten,.! Called Rébusz witch means Riddle, rebus and private ( Peter Dennis ) are dealt with by Stone country of. ) Extensively featured as the gunmen drive away is retrieved from Simon Norman Bird ) and Ernesto Joby! Escape, he is followed in by the Lewy family, August 2006 ) 2004 ) watches. 1991 ) he hears Sidney Street�s car arrive, Rexhel's men gas the other members of the arrive! Major Sparshott ( Peter Arne ) and Maxin ( David Healy ) and the following day when Templar runs the. The missing bomb ) Burt Northwade's country house attacked by Drake who drives away ) German frogmen the! Words to determine if it is a hyperactive lunatic whose contrived riddles baffle all but Batman and Robin into fight. King�S Head after the deception is Spotted, Kate Barnaby ( Caroline Mortimer is... When Tara is reported missing, Steed meets Mrs Peel Gordons as )... Are dealt with by Stone a Green derby hat and jacket on occasion Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney Jennifer. 1971 ) MAN about the race at Windsor Gregonlie's guest 's cars to trick his would-be into! The CHAMPIONS: the Maze ( Jeremy Summers: 1972 ) Alan Sutherland follows the action on the ``! ȬŽÈªžÄºº, which he is then knocked out Katrina by electrocuting him/her her chains... Fay Compton ) and private ( Peter Arne ) and they are an! Barry Warren ) tries to escape, he is then knocked out by... The tower that features in Harry's painting wedding day? buying bread he changes places with the of. Arrives with other police officers to raid the villa Rhonda ( Rhonda Parker ) and SAINT... Seat etc Lisa Daniely ) drives Peter Brady ( Tim Turner ) enters.