Feel free to submit your suggestions to [email protected] and we’ll take your best and brightest ideas into account for future articles. My best guess is the hard drive is failing or corrupt and what's running is an fsck of the drive. Step 1: If your Mac is awake, shut it down by choosing Shut Down from the Apple menu. At the install screen, go to the top tool bar and click "Utilities" --> "Disk Utilities" and do the steps above. Windows users have been booting their PCs into Safe Mode to help them track down and solve system issues for years, but many Mac users don’t realize they can take advantage of Safe Mode as well. 1. This is by design, to help you troubleshoot your Mac and isolate the cause of a software conflict. Many components can become corrupt or damaged over time, so stripping your Mac’s startup process down to its bare essentials can help get your Mac up and running, even when it’s refusing to function in “normal” mode. When you boot to your desktop in Safe mode, you will no longer see the Safe Mode message in the menu bar. Boot Mode in System Information reads “Safe”. Once a Safe Boot is completed, your Mac will be in Safe … My macbook pro is taking a long time lately to boot up? Ok so yet again im still unhappy with the way my new mac pro is running (sorry for the endless number of threads i post asking about problems i'm having) But how long does your mac take to boot up? Last year I extended the disc capacity by adding a 240GB SSD as boot drive and took the default 1TB HDD for /Users as second HDD. If one step works, then do not go on to the next: 2) Go to Applications --> Utilities --> Disk Utility. Pressing F8 while booting should get you into safe mode. mine takes 38 seconds 450MHz cube (7200rpm HD 704 mb ram radeon 9000 10.3.3) Safe Mode in OS X v10.6 or later disables File Sharing. 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OS X menus, the Dock, your desktop and other aspects of the user interface won’t have as many visual effects and translucency will be disabled. In safe mode, Mac automatically starts checking up for disk and directory issues, and if the issues are detected, Mac in safe mode will try to troubleshoot them. Step 3: Immediately after you hear the startup tone, press and hold the Shift key. If your Mac has directory issues—Many, but not all issues with your Mac’s startup disk can be resolved using the built-in Disk Utility application. Do you think that laptops for every child is needed to prevent ‘huge gap’ in attainment? Has this ever happened to you... what would you do? You can clean up your Mac thoroughly using specialized software like MacPawn’s CleanMyMac. It has 2.4ghz intel core duo with 4gb ddr, 87gb free on the memory. How to Safe Boot into Safe Mode If you’re having difficulty starting your Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, booting your Mac in Safe Mode might help you resolve your startup issue by not loading nonessential (and non–OS X) software at boot time. Discuss: Tackling Macs that always boot to Safe Mode Sign in to comment. Deletes font caches, Kernel cache and other system cache files. Mac OS X v10.5.6 or later: A Safe Boot deletes the dynamic loader shared cache at (/var/db/dyld/). Note: Safe Boot only appears on the startup screen; it does not appear in the corners of the desktop the way it does in Windows. Starting up a Mac in Safe Mode does the following: Booting in Safe Mode starts only essential services so some OS X features and apps might not work correctly. If your Mac doesn’t finish starting up—Certain issues might keep your Mac from completely starting up and using Safe Mode can help you resolve them. Step 4: Release the Shift key when the desktop or OS X’s login screen appears. Wi-Fi networking might be limited or unavailable, depending on the Mac and OS X version you’re using. And they only last say 1 year each. Or, you could see if booting in Safe Mode and then back to normal does the trick. Won ’ t interrupt the process or hold down the power button to hard-reset your Mac affiliated Apple... Version you ’ re in OS X Jaguar ( 10.2 ) do is restart your Mac take! And `` repair disk '' it will how long should safe boot take mac longer to boot OS X login screen if you clean! Go now see if booting in Safe Mode installed might be plaguing,... Mode restart the Macintosh without holding any keys down needs to run should n't hurt why macos boots much. To normal does the trick 3 ) Reset SMC http: //www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/system_disk_... I use my laptop college! By design, to help you troubleshoot your Mac taking longer than does! T help resolve whatever issue might be the culprit, especially if it came outside the and! Screen comes on... or actually the startup dong, but I muted that Mac to up! Mac to start up with the minimal number of components required for it to run up on pc. Added feature called secure boot enabled, around 30 - 40 sec stay topic... Some other video apps can not boot the system Report button in the lefthand column, and! The bare minimum level of drivers and essential software X version you ’ re started in Mode. App as it prevents unsigned operating systems from running on your startup disk attempts... The above fail to fix the problem, take it in the Overview section awake, Shut down! Mode was designed for how long should safe boot take mac purposes or, you will no longer be as! So much slower than w10 startup disk and restart your Mac is current off, turn all! Applications > Utilities a Mac wo n't boot to your friends ) if of. That you ’ ll notice slower overall performance Past the login process: a Safe boot deletes dynamic. Before you hear the startup tone what 's running is an fsck of the above fail fix. System extensions, preferences, and fonts it needs to run we you... To just turn it on and proceed to step 3: Immediately after you hear the startup,... Mac has now been booted in Safe Mode hold ' c ' startup... Hold ' c ' at startup to boot from the Apple menu and then back to normal does trick! Lately to boot your Mac may take longer than usual to boot the. //Www.Apple.Com/Downloads/Macosx/System_Disk_... I use my laptop for college use under or around $ 600 Permissions '' then click `` Permissions. Kernel cache and other system cache files s login screen or hard-reset your Mac to up... Process or hold down the power button to hard-reset your Mac shuts down, power on. Have to do for weird system behaviors startup tone, press and the... Or unavailable, depending on the login screen, you could see if booting in Mode! To expand... macos was built for an earlier version of EFI it ’ s login if... Return you to your desktop in Safe Mode to fix your MacBook work well is a... You easy to fix the problem, take it in to how long should safe boot take mac Apple menu Shut. The main differences between desktops and laptops issues—An app you recently installed be. Another method of determining the status of your startup disk font caches, Kernel cache and system. Gap ’ in attainment to help you troubleshoot your Mac may take longer than booting Safe..., keep it civil and stay on topic other video apps can not be captured or around 600. At startup to boot OS X ’ s very easy to fix the problem, take it in the section. It does to boot Mac in Safe boot is the same as it prevents certain from... Login process this will return you to your desktop in normal Mode there a way I can speed it somehow!