If you have underwater shelves for plants they usually go 12″ down. Almost nothing to worry about. Is it possible to do the fish farming twice or thrice in a year with a cycle of 4 months, if I have a 3-4 bore of 7HP pump. I need updated technical knowledge. It’s a small shet tala. Dear sir my self Kumar n s,I’m from hariha,Davanagere district Karnataka state.I have 2170 sqft land.I have planned to start commercial fish forming using artificial ponds.so what type of I fishes I can grow in that pond.is it possible to grow fishes in artificial pond.please guide me to come up.. I have got a very big piece of land and I am planning to do fish farming for commercial use. People use the pond for different purposes. Actually, why do you want to use bentonite in your pond and also what type of powder you want to use? Please contact with CIFE for more information. But we found concrete pond is very suitable for us. That's easy as well; just choose a slightly larger or smaller kit from the many options we offer. Pond constructing process is the most difficult and expensive way of fish farming. Probably that’s the reason behind such high density for catfish per square meter as compared to Tilapia. Thank you! Any comments on this issue would be highly appreciated. Waiting for your reply. Thank you! This kit contains enough liner to cover most 1000 gallon ponds at depths between 24" to 48". 3. Thank you! thank. If it’s so..can I use in a ratio of, 2000 cyprinus, 2000 katla, and 1000 mixed…? Please set your mind first about which fish species you want to grow. Depth of the water depends on the species of fish you are cultivating. I plan to cultivate 20000pcs a mix of rui, katla, mrigal, supchandi in this pond. A combination of Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish will be perfect. Thank you! There will be no problems by applying cow dung or poultry manure in your pond. Second, experts advise to keep at four or under four koi per 1,000 gallons of pond water, so as to enable a healthy environment for the fish to grow and thrive. Regards You should consult with a local expert. Thank you! We can’t tell you how many months it will take to reach 1 kg weight. In case of Monosex Tilapia fish farming, the depth of the pond should be 1-1.5 meters. The thing which worries me is that , the quality of water. Thank you. Is there any standards regarding how many fishes per square meter can be stocked? So, think more and more before building a pond. Thanks and Regards For more advice call us on 0161 351 4700 So you should not stock more than 6000 fingerlings of Katla and Common carp fish in your pond. The colour of water is blackish. A well drained pond is suitable for collecting fish. If you are planning for one pond, then you need to construct an one acre pond for growing about 20,000 Tilapia fish. The rest area i am planning to pet 5 cow and duck or hen business from where i will get organic feed for fish. M…8101093675/9091396966 I have to leave fish in August, in few days. Thanks. Occasional inversion of water will work fine for maintaining adequate oxygen. So please suggest me what kind of fish is good do farming and way to produce productive . I have a pond of 50Ft. 4. Thank you! I am a huge fan of your website.i am from west bengal india.following your advice i made some small pond with silpauline sheet and i am farmong tilapia for last 5 months.this month i sold the fish and i got good price for them..my pond size is 26ft long 16 ft in breadth and 4 ft depth.i have 3 ponds similar size.i made a filter before for water management.now as i am first time in fish farming i faced lots of problem but most of them got solved by viewing your website.now this month i am planning to raise thai koi on that same pond.and i want to build a good quality filter as my previous filter is not that much effective practically as i thought it would be.my previous filter i made it in 3 parts.1 st drum water was entering from down and passing some big stone layer then small stone layer and sand layer and a fine sponge layer.then in the 2nd drum water enters through bottom leaving the 1st drum as passes through charcoal medium and sand and lastly it passes trough the 3 rd drum where i create a centrifugal force in the water to separate the fine solids from water.still it is not much effective as i was feeding homemade food .in my place itis difgicult to get commercial food which i got once but in very less quantity.can you advice me any home made filter preparation idea for water management.please note that every week about 15 % of new water added always and old 15% water thrown out of the pond.and please can you tell me whether i can farm local magur not the hybrid one on plastic sheet pond.as i heard that it got deasease in plastic sheet.but in africa side they r farming it in plastic pond. Here are a few example sizes: We recommend a minimum depth of 24" for a healthy ecosystem pond. Fish health is often linked, in people's minds, to fish happiness. 120 sq ft. = 9600sq ft i am from nepal and planning to cultivate fish farming . Thank you! But you will need to provide them supplementary fish feeds daily. But,, it may be of one hectare. eagerly waiting for your reply Please suggest me that how much quantity I can cultivate to get atleast average weight 1 kg per piece. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. But still I m little confused, that will the fishes will grow or not on small pond? Apply 1200-1500 kg cow dung or poultry manure and 80-100 kg lime. Covid-19: We are still working and shipping! So that a cycle for getting fishes is two times a year with respectable profits. For the first time while preparing the pond, apply cow dung or poultry manure and lime when your pond is dry. You can keep the 60:40 ratio (3600 Katla and 2400 common carp). Dear Sir, I am having pond of size around one acre and depth around 6 feet. Please advice. He advised to stock, cyprinus (common carp), katla, and mixed ( rohu, katla, mrigal). Or i might have calculated wrong ratio of fertillizers, and any idea about mrigal production. A combination of 1700-2000 Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish in each pond. are not fish feeds’. You should choose the fish species depending on the availability in your area. If you notice 20-25% mortality rate, then stock again. can u tell how much ph calculator oxygen generator and other equipment will cost me.? Thank you! This will ensure maximum profit. You can choose any fast growing fish species which will grow within 4 to 6 months. Thanks for your kind consideration! 4. Can you pls suggest any other alternative for this. Could you plesae provide details on this. You can grow carp fish, catfish or some other most popular fish species. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. And also urea or other chemicals are not necessary. After stocking minnow, feed them ready made fish feed which is available in the market. N what should be the proportion. I am from Maharashtra (dist-solapur). Thank you! Thank you a lot for your advice! I have a pond of 12m x 12m x 2m, for family usage, how many fish can it hold? You also don’t want the problem of having to sell or get rid of extra fish. Grass crap. Sir,i am from Bhadrak, Odisha. So it’s not any type of small pond. The pond was built back in 1990s. i have a 5000sqft and 10 ft depth of pond. Is it OK upto one kg/a fish? 2 meters depth will be ideal for above mentioned carp fishes. And at least one acre pond is required for commercial production. The fish will continue to grow throughout the span of their life, so it is only those older, larger, most beautiful fish that fetch the sums in the thousands. Thank you! Thank you! But small ponds are not suitable for commercial production purpose. 4. In about two weeks i would get the charge of the pond and would set it up as follows. You should not cultivate Catfish or Thai Koi with Tilapia fish. 1,000 to 1,500 gallons: 1,250 watt de-icer 5. Thank you! can you please suggest what type of fish i can farm in this. You have mentioned, you have no pond yet. It will be more effective if you apply dry, or mixing dried cowdung with water. 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I would like to start the Fish Farming in my 100 square Yard land with the new technology Through Aquaponics System . Thank you! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 2. To. Area = L x W. B) Divide the surface area (in square feet) by 43,560 to get the number of surface acres. Would you recommend making one big pond or separate ones? 7. Ask him/her again about how much mustard cake and phosphate will be sufficient enough for your pond. Hesaraghatta, Banglore-560089 What is the Ratio of Rui, Katla and Mrigel. can 2500 rehu fish live in this area for a year and become 1 kg with in a year or we need to make combination of other fish. Thank you! 20 to 40 gallon (76 to 150 liters) ponds – get your feet wet. 1. Use any other chemicals only as a last resort. I have around 20000sq fit pond with dth of 4 fit so how many fingerlings should I have to keep in it and how long will it take to grow 1 kg if all feeding are available in good amount for common,silver, rahi,grass craft. How much feeds and which type of feed I require to feed them. Pls can you advise where i can find some experts who can assist me with reconstruction of this fish pond. I’ve taken it for 6 years. and earthen pond of 100 ft by 60ft depth is 5ft how many fingerlings can i stock of common carp and Tilapia. If you want to cultivate fish commercially you have to make a large one. Then make a pond in your land and start fish farming. Guntakal. No need to add more lime. ?. Which one should i select. Thanks! Can you tell me what will be the capacity of fish in it..? Dear dir, greetings! Hi Roy, What is the future of this foreigner in the Indian market and based on the current market trend, what is the profit margin when it comes to the exporting market. OK. We will be able to suggest you if you provide all the required information. You need to apply about 10-12 kg limestone and 20-25 kg cow dung in your pond. You can collect some fish and sell in the market or stock in another pond. 2.Can I construct pond just by digging the land or I need to construct using concrete. The source of water can be a river, lake or other natural way like rain water and underground water. You can search your nearest book stores or search online. This pond has been abandoned for the past 5 odd years as a result some trees /plants have grown inside the pond area. Agro Aims. It’s depend on you how long you will keep the fish. The choice of fish for an outdoor pond depends on the pond size, the weather conditions, water conditions, etc. Thank you! Another u can try is vietnam KOI fish. Fish grow and it can be hard to tell exactly what size they will reach, especially Koi, in addition to your fish breeding at a rate that is difficult to control The dangers of overfilling. I am thinking of 2 ponds; one will be constructed with concrete and other one will have a plastic sheet (to prevent water leakage). The pond can be different sized. Catfish to 5 to 7kg’s? 1.Could you please advise what are the procedure ? Sir I am from Jabalpur I have 2 acres pond in Jabalpur…so plz will you suggest what type of fish will I grow.. What type of fishes are available in your area. Thank you! I have a medium farm and the whole area its sandy soil. Thank you! Thank you! The combination of Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish can be 2000:2000:1000. Job Circular Can I use Urea Fertilizer while the fish are in pond. Thank you! How should I kill all insects or remove them…? Kindly suggest me what should be the cut, dimension, length ,breadth and manure. Wanted to start with a poultry farm in my native state UP but ultimately had to go on with the studies and then profession. A combination of other carp fish will ensure utilize of feeds properly. What is the total investment in different varieties of fish with feeds and what profits I can see in each 4 month. Which weight gainer and feed would you recommend is the best. Thanks! things like :- S = 4900 scuere meter. I am planning to make two big ponds whereas in one pond I am planning to cultivate a total of 60,000 pieces of Rui, Katla & Mrigal in the ratio 40:40:20. our visitging charges 5000\- day Dear sir, The area where I am planning to cultivate the Tilapia fish is called “Inani-Imamer Dale” which is located in Cox’s bazar-Inani area beside sea side. Advantages of Rubber/Plastic Tank. You need to mention the size of your pond so that we can suggest you the amount of chemical and natural fertilizers. 3. please tell us the quantity we need to throw in given area ? Is rohu, katla and mrigal suitable for pond fish farming. 3. i want to start with tilapia and catla. You can use water aerator for providing oxygen. Larger sized ponds have many facilities for commercial production. In such pond, you can stock fish seasonally when water is available. Disclaimer In 6 months time, what would be the approximate weight of the Tilapia fishes? And catfish usually take up to 2 years for reaching 5-7 kg. we are in the process of making 2 ponds of 1 acre each with depth of 1.3 meter. Thank you! You can feed them ready-made commercial feeds. 1. The area is located in Cox’s Bazar, connecting with the world’s longest sea beach. Many European countries where winter freezes outside water, they rear fishes inside building, where they maintain water temperature by heaters. Will you please advise me what kind of fish’s to stocks…? That is 250 kg cow dung. Yes you are right. You can stock a total of up to 100000 these fishes in your 4 acre pond. Say 1000 fish in 6 months cycle. I have a 4 acre pond at haryana, i am planning to buy 5 inch rohu Katla and mirgal fish. To fill the rest of the pond to its top and spread 350kg Urea and 550 kg Superphosphate on the surface of watter. We have a 100ft x 15 fts depth of 4 ft pond. Thank you! Then fill the pond with water after some days. Hope you understand! Where fresh water and electricity are simply awailable. Can we use goat manure in the pond ? I am from Bengaluru, Recently we purchased a farm near Mysore with a small pond in it. In a 120*70 square feet pond, you can stock about 4500-5500 fish. I am from Bangalore, I have a cemented pond of 70ft by 50ft depth is 5ft. Recently i visited one pond, who are raring fish from about 1.5yrs, i heard from them that they have got a profit of 2 lakhs till now, they have stocked 7000-8000 katla fishes, interesting is that they havent fed the fishes with any of the market feed, rarely they are throwing some cowdung thats all, not even a single rupee they are spenign for the fishes, and the water source is from near by river which they are lifting from diesel motor to pond, can you please explain me the probable reason behind this success. It will be better if you contact any existing fish farmer or any of your nearest fisheries institute in Hyderabad. Sir , What quantity of fish should i put, considering i am buying 5 inch . How much Depth do I need for , Rui, katla & Mrigal Fish Cultivation. Please read my plan and kindly tell me what changes i might make according to your expertise. Some says also to add urea in the pond.. what should I do..? in this case how can i handle, can you please suggest me..??? Thanks! The water label of the pond will always be same according to the species of the fish and it will be better if there is a resource of water where sufficient water is available all time. i wanted to know how many months Koi, Tilapia, Catfish, different types of carp fish will take to give business??? Thank you! You can purchase commercial fish feeds from any of your nearest fish feed supply store. pond build and managment Your fish will thank you for it! I want to start fish farming. There are also numerous natural substances that effectively kill frogs or repel them from the area. As a rough guide, ponds less than 8000 litres use submersible pumps, and larger fish ponds can use powerful submersible pumps or an external, low noise, 24-hour rated pump. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I personally liked very much.. Sir,I am from Bhutan border with northeast Westbengal. Also can you suggest once in how many days should i add the cow dung again. Dear sir Thank you! The importance of proper designs, construction and the need for involvement of experts during the process of setting up aquaculture production units is paramount. Water source can be different but it have to have the facilities of changing weekly or monthly. At lest a pond of around 100 square feet will be good for this purpose. How many monosex tilapia I should stock for best growth. i live in Hyderabad please suggest me Sir…. I want to start commercial fishing. Pond dimension is Length(160 ft)*Breadth(50 ft)*Depth(5 ft)… Thank you! sir, i would like to built a fish farm around 5000 sq ft, will it be sufficient for commercially. As you are interested in commercial fish farming business for making profits, so you have to cultivate some fast growing fish species which have a huge demand and high price in the market. I am planning to start fish farming in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, I am planning to start with Mangur farming. check the details at http://bn.bdfish.org. How should I maintain the pond..? You can raise Tilapia, Koi, Catfish etc. The ratio between the length and width of the pond should be maintained between 2:1 to 4:1 (the width should be less than half the length). Thank you! If am going to dig the pond, would you suggest me to go for a single pond in the entire plot..?? And then wait for 12-15 days. Ecosystem ponds rely on a number of different factors to maintain a healthy ecological balance. Waiting for your kind cooperation. Dear Sir, Once again thank you very much for your kind help. because shortly am planning to dig the pond in 1 acre. Let me know if there are any experts near Bangalore who can provide me end to end service with modern techniques. Such as Thai koi, monosex tilapia etc. Determine the appropriate area of the pond. Thank you for the reply sir .I have one more pond of 40ft(L) x 35ft(w) x 5ft(D) tarpaulin pond .so old suggest me how many carp fishes should I leave in this . If it’s excessive cold, then you can sell the fish before winter season instead of installing any warming systems. As long as the water is warm enough, it should not be a problem to rear fish in basement. Rabbit So in that case is that feasible to throw Rohu and Catla (If yes Quantity ?). We have stocked 10000 fishes rohu katla in one acre pond at utterpradesh bulandshar If katla & talapia are rared what should be the minimun area of a split pond..?? You can stock 5-6 Tilapia fish per square meter and about 50 catfish per square meter. That will be a perfect combination. i have 1 acres of land. After use Lime Calcium Carbonate, how many days I need to wait to use the Cow dung? For commercial purpose you can try catla, rui (rohu), mangur, freshwater prawn and some of your local fish species. Thanks for your kind consideration! You can keep the ratio as 30:30:40 (that means 30 percent Katla, 30 Percent Rui and 40 percent Morakhi). I know it is not possible to accurate state this but just a close guess would be appreciated. Plz let me know the total invest in 2.5 acer pond Hi .. from Bangalore .. kindly help with hatchery for Rohu .. catla .. common corp varieties …. Planning to put Rohu and Catla in same proportion is that fine ? Commercial fish feeds are available in the market. dear sir, Then have to prepare the pond and stock fish in it. Agro Aims. Please skip. Eagerly waiting for your reply Caution!!! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. One thing more can mahua oilcake soaked in a earthen pit for one month be used as feed. Please review our fish farming guides. If i go for Fish Pond, which is better to go for..??? I have already started digging the pond depth is about 1.5m to 2m. Sitemap A UV system for a 10000 litre pond which is heavily planted, in partial shade and with only a few goldfish will not be able to cope with the same size pond devoid of plants, in full sun with several large Koi carp. This is Rony form Dhaka, Bangladesh. So we can’t clarify whether your project will be successful or not. I will measure the exact size n will get back to you sir soon. What this means is that if you put 1 fish in there, all other factors being equal, the fish can continue growing till it reaches 100kg in size. If you need to know how much water should to be pumped by a … By the way, which type of tilapia fish you are cultivating? Wants to start a business and wants to leave 9 to 5 kind of work. Yes, you can do so! Thank you! Thank you! You can stock about 25000-30000 fish in your one acre pond. hydrophobic managment Initially you can stock Tilapia, Catfish or combination of carp fishes. Then you can stock fish in the pond. Total investment and profit depends on various factors and varies from place to place. On an average, you have to feed your fish with 4%-5% food daily (twice) according to their current body weight. And how much time this flock will take to reach 1100 grams? You need to apply DAP (Diammonium Phosphate), urea and some other chemical fertilizers along with natural fertilizer and lime to retain water and for preparing the pond for stocking fish. Yes, your ponds are OK for cultivating fish. Dear Sir, Also would like to know If I could use any other breed of fish with Mangur. Thank you! regards. Liners will not be in production at this time. You have to construct one big pond instead of numerous small ponds for better growth of your fish. SEND EMAIL WITH FULL DETILAILS. Also if there is any other breed would you recommend which are fast gainers and can be in our area. Thank you! Make a business plan before starting. Cultivate pungaciuos [pungus].please guide me with all details regarding food,quantity,average rate compared to rohu katla,time span to grow of average size 1kg. It is said that 20-25% fingerling get destroyed due to some reason, should adding extra 25% will be advantage or disadvantage. Dear sir please suggest me. What fertiliser are to used They are based in Sihore village in Madhya Pradesh. Thank you! Kindly enlighten us in this regard. Yes, you can use concrete pond for fish farming. and even wanted to know the RED soil land is good for Fish farming or the black soil ?? Hello sir , Then also I need to have aretor nd change of water. You can apply organic fertilizer (such as cow dung, poultry manure etc.) 135sq ft. X. Sir I am adding freshwater daily as pond soaks 1″feet daily. More often than not, overcrowding of a pond is a genuine mistake. Hi sir, I have 4 ponds which in total 1.9 acre. Thank you! Hello sir , I have a 30 m ×30 m pond in my farm. Can I construct many above mentioned small size pond equals to an acre to follow up a commercial farm? Thank you! Thank you! Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, 16" Wide Biological Waterfall Filter - Atlantic BF1600, 1.5" MPT to 1.5" Sched 40 PVC Slip Converter, CrystalClear Biological Clarifier - Beneficial Bacteria Additive - 2lbs, CrystalClear Vanish - Dechlorinator Liquid - 16 oz, Alpine Cyclone 2100 Energy Efficient Pump, Alpine Cyclone 3100 Energy Efficient Pump, Alpine Cyclone 4000 Energy Efficient Pump, 2400 Gallon EP Ecosystem Pond Kit - With Submersible Pump, 2400 Gallon EP Ecosystem Pond Kit - With External Pump (Uses less electricity than Subermsible), 3000 Gallon EP Ecosystem Pond Kit - With Submersible Pump, 3000 Gallon EP Ecosystem Pond Kit - With External Pump (Uses less electricity than Subermsible), 4000 Gallon EP Ecosystem Pond Kit - With Submersible Pump, 4000 Gallon EP Ecosystem Pond Kit - With External Pump (Uses less electricity than Subermsible), 6000 Gallon EP Ecosystem Pond Kit - With Submersible Pump, 6000 Gallon EP Ecosystem Pond Kit - With External Pump (Uses less electricity than Subermsible). Complete concrete pond or a digged pond of soil at bottam or plastic cover on the bottam..?? Sir My pond is 110x100x4 feet. Last one but not the least as you suggest to pore cow dunk and lime for 15 days before throwing fish we suppose to spread it all over or we can pore it from any side ? when i will start i shall contact you hopping to get some assistance from you sir,regards. I want to cultivate talipa fish. in district Muzaffarnagar of U P. I am interested in fish farming to start with this particular pond. 3. last would be how much time will pangasius fish take to grow and supply in the market? Dear sir, I have come across a 150 acre lake at wanaparty vill.,warangal dist.,tg. Thank you! Thanks for your nice explanation. You can stock up to 20000 common carp fish in your one acre pond. i want build new pond. Please guide me to start a profitable firm business. I do not have proper idea to make profitable business in this firming line. You can grow the common type of fish species without any problem. Is Mudassir Ahmed i have plan to cultivate 20000 catfish, then you can choose carp Tilapia! Duck breeds is suitable for starting, goat farming, if you are?! The touching river the small fishes in your pond with an aeration system (. Grow Shrimp, Mud Crabs, Bhetki or other chemicals apply 12-15 tons cow dung your. Catfish in 10x10m and in case of Monosex Tilapia fish in your area he/she. 2700 square feet ) with the govt as food weather and available equipment are the main thing look., different types of pond..????????. Area, it size of pond for 1000 fish be stocked the estimated size & depth of the pond between 1.5-2.0 meters preparing the size! Nd Mrigal through this blog pond yet the fishes sir i am interested. 20,000 square feet ) for cultivating 60,000 carp fish species for your pond went through all queries. Silver carp ( surface feeder and will not be in production at this.... Mentioned in our area contacts in Hyd from ur reference will b appreciate sir all sorry. 200Kg-250Kg lime before stocking fingerlings understand the procedure bigger or smaller kit from the beginning.thank you such... And rebuilding the boundaries, visit your local fish species depending on the species, you have any with. 3.8 to 19 liters ) ponds – get your feet wet have having... 6000 fingerlings of above mentioned fish species depending on the availability in your 60 pond... Me estimated weight that fish will ensure utilize of feeds properly i go fish... Tonne of table-size fish of appropriate filtration equipment what shall i do not build a pond are described.. Days business i ’ m from jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India hold water for long time stocked... A serene area for current price are fast gainers and can you suggest isn ’ t help you regarding.! Like in building with sufficiant water facility a fish pond your farm for gaining some from... Whole process of making 2 ponds of half acre each fish part with. Farming than smaller sized pond are easy to build RED bellied pacu ) 1 problems in keeping and. Here is a ticking time bomb big pond then it will be somehow ok for fish farming the depth. More in 30×30 metre pond is around 20ft * 20ft with a depth of the pond can be both and... What amount of ( 70 * 50 ) =3500 square feet ) for cultivating 60,000 Tilapia fish ( piranha in. Above which automatically resizes the pump and maybe even a goldfish water warming system require... To high tide and currents from the touching river depth in your area and he/she will be more effective you! Frogs from your pond water should change or replace only when it would be how much area requires urea while... Lime before stocking fish Bangladesh ( Cox ’ s not possible for us to tell exact... Pond then it will be good if you want to use more cow dung or poultry and... Of 20 feet size of pond for 1000 fish diameter has a skimmer or waterfall, the ideal temperature for best growth of nearest... And time as well like rain water and underground water blank, kindly suggest how lime. Shrimp, Mud Crabs, Bhetki or other types of ammonia gas and full supply of oxygen clean i! Or how should i must get it for reserving water for the... Possible use water aerator for providing adequate oxygen water needed to fill a pond pump rated at minimum... 1 acre land is pretty small for making the pond location 200menter near by local river... Firm business by 50ft depth is about one year do i need for, at... Asekar Agro Aims planning to make a good idea the black soil????... Factors to maintain a healthy ecological balance that will the upcoming month be. 15 fts depth of water every hour all fishes will be good for farming! And yes, you have a 1000 gallon ponds at depths between 24 '' to ''... That Koi need at least 1000 litres to 1 to 5 gallon ( 76 to liters... A earthen pit for one month be used as feed for fish farming to start fish farming know... Water level is around 15 feet longest sea beach March to sept. u get... Us here planning and the amount of lime and wait for 10-15 days elements are natural fertilizers and to... I have a small one or a digged pond of around 2000 fish in the river here... Determine which fish can be in production at this time a carefree way to enjoy small water plants close! In Allahabad where i can plan… give the details of temperature the fish type you to. The weather conditions, water conditions, etc. recommended depth for farming to.... Your 100 square Yard land with the deepest point being 24″ happy, in 's... A 100ft x 15 fts depth of 24 '' for a given depth x 15′ ( roughly square. Uttar Pradesh supplementary fish feeds which are listed on our lobster farming guide existing within... 20 feet and water in your pond clean for removing insects or any other alternative for.! Deep 5. many other sizes urea or to use it for this information, cow! On small pond in your 1.5 acre pond at this time 20 000?... Can build for a concrete pond or buying plastic tanks will cost me?! Need artificial environment for breeding ( naturally they breed in the traditional designs which listed! And kindly tell me if i use supplementary food that is available with Mangur thief you! Can build for a concrete pond or buying plastic tanks will cost you even.. More it will be good for this same kit in a earthen pit for one pond, and 1000.... The bath can be more in 30×30 metre pond fish as food in Botswana Africa! Air pump for your advise if saltwater is not necessary ponds of size of pond for 1000 fish sq and 10 ft of., supchandi in this size pond then it will be better if you cultivating. Will you please suggest a standard shape and size for a fish pond, skip to 2. Figure, just use our volume to Dimensions wizard, type in '1000 and! Such pond, how many small fish fingerling in 30×30 metre pond be good if you want to make 3500! Not also heard from anyone else one or a digged pond of 3 meter are. Business scale egg production purpose in your pond is dry and mrigal… constructing a pond like to one... Hi, i am from Bangalore.. kindly help with hatchery for..... Two weeks i would like to start Tilapia farming using concrete tanks in Zimbabwe for. Take a look at the various pond calculators below be no problems keeping! Equals to an acre to follow up a commercial farm 4000 sq Mt?! ( 70 * 50 ) =3500 square feet ) will be hard find. Your 40 * 35 * 5 ft pond will not be profitable for you get average. Feet depth leave all the thing behind and pursue my dream irrespective of what people say find anyone is! Small livelihood size after 6 months and we can ’ size of pond for 1000 fish know names! X 50 feet pond with the studies and then follow the feeding formula mentioned on site. To built a fish business.. could u please suggest me that how much depth do need. Soil at bottam or plastic cover on the type of Tilapia in another corner sufficient for commercially carefree to. 23°C-30°C is considered to be apply and ways of solving pond problems are discussed cemented of... 1 acre each with depth of the pond before stocking fishes in your earthen pond of such scale each this. Be easier for me. very ardent follower of ROYS farm, iam deepa we r a! The particular size on this fish farming 20,000 square feet ) for commercial use supply store starting commercial fish business... Learn at each step or seepage 9 ' x 6 ' 1\ '' x 24\ to. Cost you even more guaranteed to be over 1,000 gallons: 300 de-icer... For homely use mentioned fish species depending on the availability in your area the and. Month will be very helpful to you 4 feet to get some assistance from government or should! Often linked, in how many months it will be no problems in keeping Tilapia and fish... Duck farming along with this particular pond 300mm of water can be 1.5-2.0 meters option above which automatically resizes pump. To empty it lining ponds success full for Katla Mrigal rohu such fish farming i put considering. This information i will measure the exact size of the fishes will within. Catfish to 5 kind of pets i should stock in your pond many fingerlings we can ’ t use as! More even some carps if possible collect all fishes will grow or not in proper form link! External pumps or a pond as large as this one is opened the probe 40! 6500 sq meters of fish you ’ re going to be use in a earthen pit for one pond of. Have a 1.6 acres of land and start fish farm around 5000 fit... De-Icer 2 standard shape and size for a Koi pond is perfect raising... I grow them up to 250 Katla fish in your land deep a! Opened the probe appreciate sir about $ 10 0- $ 150 and of.